October 3, 2015

Greyskooledits - Inside The Box EP (Midnight Riot! Records)

As you know Vibes4YourSoul loves edits...so here comes 4 great ones, wrapped up in a single EP, released by UK DJs Dave Gerrard & Rob Bairstow, united under the Greyskooledits alias.

Try not to enjoy their cool grooved-up takes of Jean Knight's Mr Big Stuff and Loleatta Holloway's Runaway, or their spiced-up version of classic disco killer Wear It Out from Stargard. 
To cool things down a bit, their deep spaced-oud  rework of Barbara Mason's Another Man is also part of my next DJ sets short list.

Streaming below:

October 1, 2015

Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Into Forever (Gondwana Records)

At a time when pollution tests cheating seems to be the norm, hopefully some only spit organic & peaceful vibes.

Case in point with Matthew Halsall new gift from (nu-jazz) heaven: his third and most ambitious LP to date, Into Forever, out now on Gondwana Records.

Still a splendid common thread, his trumpet is nevertheless slightly less present on this LP, where Matthew's signature lies first and foremost in his inimitable knack to compose & design dreamy spiritual atmospheres. The addition of vocalists on three tracks (Josephine Oneyama and Briony Jarman-Pinto), a grand premiere for him, adds another layer of poetry to this sensitive journey.

So breathe safely, and take a deep dive...Into Forever.

A couple of extracts below :

September 25, 2015

Tom Misch - Beat Tape 2

London-based guitarist & producer Tom Misch has become a core member of my DJ sets' downtempo moments these last 2 years.

Regularly releasing warm groovy instrumental pearls on his soundcloud page, he stepped up his game these last few months by also adding beautiful deep-housy tracks, some of which featuring great vocal featurings.

If you're not familiar with his dreamy electric guitar sound and splendid melodies writing, his recently released Beat Tape 2 is the perfect way to discover this young talented artist. Addictive content inside!

A few extracts below:

September 14, 2015

Mocky - Key Change (Heavy Sheet Productions)

Released just before the summer, Mocky's fifth album, Key Change, is an enchanted interlude floating above the obsolete boundaries dividing downtempo, soul, jazz and pop.

All along this very cohesive record, the LA-based multi-intrumentalist and producer demonstrates his songwriting talent, as well as his knack for crafting cosy and poetic musical atmospheres.
Add to this the participation of some of my favorite nu-jazz and indie/folk artists like Miguel Atwood-Feguson, Gonzales and Feist, and you get a very special experience.

Feel-good-stamped LP!

A few extracts below:

September 7, 2015

Vibes4YourSoul special mixtape for Caïmite Radio

From lo/fi & groovy sounds to nudisco & deep house, here is a special mixtape I just did for Caïmite Radio, a cool net project set up in Reims, France by Mosta.

More great podcasts and sounds on their webpage.

September 3, 2015

Beach House - Depression Cherry (Sub Pop Records)

I often get overly excited by records...some kind of a classic music freak syndrom. Still, I know that time is the ultimate judge as to really know if my first wave of enthusiasm was misplaced, or not.
US indie/pop duo Beach House are a great example of this. After the initial delight provided by their 2010 and 2012 LPs (Teen Dream and Bloom), both have become more than fading great music memories to me. They're essential companions, core members of my iphone "desert island" playlist, more than validating my early craze.
Obviously, saying that I've been eagerly waiting for their new LP is an understatement.

And Depression Cherry is finally here! (on Sup Pop Records)
And I beg you not to mistrust my laudatory feedback as my early craze for this new album should also easily pass the time travelling test.
And, yes,  in just a few words, Victoria Legrand is still taking us to her nostalgic and dreamy world with her unique voice and style.
And Alex Scally is still designing fascinating anthemic musical landscapes, filled with high-flying keyboards waves and finely crafted electric guitars-led melodies.
And it's still great. Actually "great" is also an understatement, let's me rephrase this to "magic".
And I don't care if the band does not clear out new musical territories with Depression Cherries, cause I just feel so good in this place.
And I guarantee you will too.

September 2, 2015

Andrei Eremin - Pale Blue Ep

Some great melancholic vibes from down under.

In this promessing debut Ep, Melbourne-based producer Andrei Eremin blends deep downtempo atmosheres with hints of folk. A great poetic parenthesis.

September 1, 2015

Kacy Hill - Foreign Fields (G.O.O.D. Music)

A young woman from Phoenix, Arizona, Kacy Hill performed as a dancer on Kanye West recent tour, and was later signed on his G.O.O.D. Music label following a first promessing self-released single.

Here comes her first track for Kanye, and it's a pearl. Can't get enough of this beautiful piano line framing her ethereal vocals.

August 10, 2015

Elis Regina - Vou Deitar E Rolar (V4YS Quaquaraquada Edit)

More Brazilian love, editing this eternal groove written in 1970 by Baden Powell; Paulo César Pineiro for the one and only Elis Regina.

Hope you'll enjoy these sunny vibes:)

Streaming & dwld below:

July 25, 2015

Vibes4YourSoul Mixes#30 - Summer House

A new mixtape for your summer, heavy in soulful tunes and cool basslines. A German feel to it as well, with several recent beautiful tracks from some of my favorite producers there (Session Victim, Alex Barck, Good Guy Mikesh, Claptone...).

Streaming & dwld below:

July 12, 2015

Zig Zag - Stop Stop stop (Vibes4YourSoul Encore Edit)

Here is a DJ-friendly edit I just made of an overlooked pearl from afro/disco 70's band Zig Zag.

Can't get enough of these funky guitar lines and groovy french lyrics!

Streaming and dwld below:

June 24, 2015

Kamasi Washington - The Epic (Brainfeeder Records)

Let's talk Jazz.

A 34-year old American saxophonist, Kamasi Washington rose from a difficult LA hood, to now affirm himself as one of the most promising musician of his generation, with the recent release of a debut LP that should leave a lasting mark on the long history of Jazz music.

The Epic's genesis is an intense 2011 month-long recording session with his friends from the West Coast Get Down band. From spiritual ballads, to groovier parts with vocalists to Pharoah Sanders-like furious musical riots, his sax leads a 20+ musicians pack in an almost 3-hour long journey, that takes you away, far away. And who else than Alice Coltrane's nephew, Flying Lotus, and his groundbreaking Brainfeeder label, could host such a cosmic effort? A perfect match.

So, make some room on your iphone/ipod/whatever, because, Jazz fan or not, I guarantee this fascinating one will durably eat some memory space!

Extracts below, but this one is a long-haul album experience, "single culture" freaks beware!

June 20, 2015

Roberta Flack - Compared To What (Vibes4YourSoul Rework)

A 1969 powerful politically-conscious message against Nixon's Vietnam war, and more generally about social issues of the time (still very relevant now), "Compared To What" is a beautiful jazz/soul song written by Gene McDaniels for Roberta Flack legendary first LP "First Take". The song got subsequently covered/adapted by other Jazz artists.

In this rework, I tried to keep the gospel-flavoured energy of Roberta's interpretation, while reinterpreting it with a housy rhythmic frame.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

June 15, 2015

Taxie - Rock Don't Stop Ep (Eglo Records re-issue)

Since his first splendid deep-house releases as Floating Points, back in 2009, to his remarkable artistic management of Eglo label since then, or his always inspiring eclectic DJ Sets, Sam Shepherd has been ranking very high on my musical radar.

Still in a mission to share great soulful music around, here he comes with another delightful surprise through Eglo sister label Melodies: a re-mastered version of two overlooked late 70's disco/soul absolute gems from US band Taxie.

Simply enjoy the full streaming below!

June 5, 2015

Rob Shields - Bloom

One of my favorite slo-mo/deep-housy track so far this year, courtesy of London producer & DJ Rob Shields.

Isn't this one perfect for your lazy summer beach days?

Streaming and free dwlnd below: