September 16, 2014

Guts - Hip-Hop After All (Heavenly Sweetness)

Appearing as a guest in Hip-Hop After All, legendary MC Grand Puba states: "I stay true to the thing they call Hip-Hop, for 30 years straight and I doubt if I stop". This could pretty much be the perfect mantra to describe Guts' musical philosophy.

In his best album to date, the French beatmaker delivers a true old-school fireworks, from jazzy "Dillesque" cuts, to soulful moments, or west-coast-flavored tracks. Spiced-up by an impressive line-up of guests, this new LP is a groovy love letter to the Golden Age of Hip-hop.

"I stay true to the thing they call Hip-Hop, for 30 years straight and I doubt if I stop". Cet extrait du titre Forever My Love, rappé par le légendaire MC Grand Puba, pourrait être le leitmotiv de Guts.
Depuis ses premiers faits d'armes musicaux, aux débuts des années 90, jusqu'à ses pérégrinations sonores plus récentes, le producteur n'a eu de cesse de déclamer son amour pour cet âge d'or du Hip-Hop, qu'il fait revivre avec brio dans son meilleur album à ce jour, Hip-Hop After All.
Entre passages groovy très "Jay Dill-esque", titres plus soul, ou morceaux fleurant bon le son "west-coast" de l'époque, Guts passe ses classiques en revue, bien aidé dans son entreprise par un casting de guests haut de gamme (Grand Puba, Masta Ace, Cody Chesnutt, le jeune trompettiste Leron Thomas...). Ruez-vous dessus!

September 10, 2014

V4YS Concert Review - Jazz à La Villette, Year 1959 Tribute - Eric Legnini & Friends vs Ray Charles - 060914

Sandra Nkaké, 060914 - Photo Vincent B.

"Jazz is not dead" is this year's Jazz à La Villette festival mantra. Well, "Groove ain't dead either" , judging by the massive gig closing this "Year 1959" special day in a packed Cabaret Sauvage.

After Miles and Coltrane, 1959s funky side was effectively on display, with belgium pianist Eric Legnini vision of Ray Charles' early works, especially his What'd I Say album.

As much as I enjoy Eric's jazz productions, I get even more excited when I see him letting his piano aside to focus on a Rhodes. I got even more excited when I realised he had invited two of the funkiest singers around to join him, Sandra Nkaké and Alice Russel.
Add to this a red-hot band and the talented young flutist/singer Elena Pinderhugues, and you have a recipe for some serious fun.

Sandra Nkaké, Elena Pinderhugues, Alice Russel - Photo Vincent B.

Setting the pace with his uber-groovy Rhodes lines, Eric Legnini let ample space to his vocal guests, who litterally turned the Cabaret Sauvage upside down.

Special mention to Sandra Nkaké, who once again blew me away, not only with her powerful voice but also her enthusiasm, humor and energy. I truly believe she's currently one of the most overlooked soul/funk female singer.

No Artelive recording for this one, but get a quick grasp of the atmosphere with this little video of their hot Ray Charles' Talkin' Bout You cover:

Thanks to my friend Vincent for the beautiful pics!

September 9, 2014

V4YS Concert Review - Jazz à La Villette, Year 1959 Tribute - Omar Sosa vs Miles Davis / James Carter vs John Coltrane - 060914

Bringing Jazz/Funk legends on stage is the bread and butter of large Jazz Festivals. Challenging artists to offer special experiences through specific themes or encounters is much harder to set up. This is where Jazz à La Villette's artistic direction thrives, and that's why this festival has become my personal favorite over the last few years.

Among the many interesting events this year, an intriguing "1959 special" Saturday, to bring us back to this exceptionally rich calendar year in Jazz history.

First appointment of the day, a journey with Cuban pianist Omar Sosa to share his personal vision of one of 1959 many gems, Miles Davis's timeless Kind Of Blue.
Originally set-up in 2009 for the Barcelona Jazz festival, released as an album last year with the help of The Afri-Lectric Experience sextet, Eggun is the title of this project.
Get ready for an exotic "Kind Of Many Shades", courtesy of Omar's latin/world influences. Joy & happiness guaranteed with this ArteLiveTv streaming available only for a few weeks. 

Second part of the day, to check out if saxophonist James Carter could fit in John Coltrane's 1959 Giant Steps.
Well...he could and even more! In a trio format with Gerrard Gibbs (organ) & Leonard King (drums), James blew one of the best Jazz hurricane I ever saw live. More than 2 hours of Coltrane's furor, mixed with some of his own compositions. Sweet, harsh, soft, aggressive, funny, emotional, a word free! A symphony of atmospheres to also enjoy courtesy of ArteLiveTv for a few weeks.

September 7, 2014

Issac Delusion - Isaac Delusion

This one was released just before the summer, but has only been flowing like water on my decks these last few weeks. Better late than never to recommend it to you on the blog, as it's definitely one of my favorite release in the indie/electro/pop space this year.

Poetic, delicate, melancholic, energetic...French band Issac Delusion first self-titled LP is effectively all this...and more.

Surfing on Jules, Nicolas & Bastien warm electro/pop sound, Loic's ethereal Patrick Watson-like voice brings the project one step further. From modern folk atmospheres to housy moments, a truly cohesive album you should not miss out!

Full streaming on Deezer, extract below:

Sorti juste avant l'été, le premier album du quatuor français Isaac Delusion tourne seulement depuis quelques semaines sur mes platines. Mieux vaut tard que jamais pour vous le recommander, puisqu'il est un de mes gros coups de coeur 2014 dans la catégorie indie/electro/pop.

Poétique, délicat, mélancolique, énergique...le disque est tout ça à la fois, et bien plus en fait. Surfant sur l'impeccable son electro/pop de Jules, Nicolas et Bastien, la voix aérienne du chanteur Loic, très Patrick Watson-esque, propulse le projet dans une autre dimension, pleine de grâce. Entre passages "modern folk", et moments fleurant bon une deep house chaleureuse, l'album ne lâche jamais un fil directeur rêveur. A ne pas rater!

Streaming intégral via Deezer, extrait ci-dessus.

August 25, 2014

Vibes4YourSoul Loves Edits#45 - Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector (Buzz Compass Edit)

Here is a great edit/remix of an 80's classic boogie track from French/Benin musician & producer Wally Badarou.

Loving the slo-mo house feeling added by Russian producer Buzz Compass, regularly guilty of issuing great edits.  Out soon on Glenview Recordings.

August 24, 2014

Kindness - World Restart (feat. Kelela & Ade)

Back home, and lots of stuff in my musical inbox to check out. Starting with this new pearl from Kindness, as a teaser for Otherness, one of this autumn LPs I most eagerly await.

July 30, 2014

Vibes4YourSoul Mixes#26 - Cicada Disco

Before heading for a few weeks to France sunny southern latitudes, here is a new mix with a summer feeling to it.

From loungy pearls to nudisco dancefloor killers, I hope you'll enjoy the moment and will share it around!

Streaming below, dwld link here.

P.S.: special thanks to Porquerolles island funky cicadas for their contribution to this one!

July 20, 2014

Richard Spaven - Whole Other* (Fine Line Records)

Second stop this week in UK nu-jazz scene land, with drummer Richard Spaven debut solo LP, Whole Other*, out now on Fine Line Records.

Alongside his majesty Chris "Daddy" Dave, Richard has been one of my favorite jazz/groove/beats drummer for the last few years, mainly for his brilliant contributions to Cinematic Orchestra as well as Jose James recordings, but also for his great first solo EP, Spaven's 5ive, released in 2010.

Whole Other* sounds like a kaleidoscope of this already rich musical career, wandering between abstract modern jazz atmospheres and groovier moments. If his delicate drumming style naturally leads the way, Richard also demonstrates a remarkable writing and producing talent, notably finding the right space to his high-profile list of guests musicians. Among them, let's mention Cinematic Orchestra's fascinating guitarist Stuart McCallum, but also Jose James trumpet player Takuya Kuroda, both of whom were mentioned several times on this blog.
Don't miss out on this organic dose of smoothness!

Extract below:

Second détour en une semaine par la scène nu-jazz UK avec le très joli premier album solo du batteur Richard SpavenWhole Other*, qui sort sur Fine Line Records.

Dans la lignée de sa majesté Chris "Daddy" Dave, Richard est devenu l'un de mes batteurs jazz/groove favoris ces dernières années, notamment pour ses brillantes contributions aux productions de Cinematic Orchestra et Jose James, mais aussi à la faveur d'un excellent premier maxi solo, Spaven's 5ive, sorti en 2010.

Whole Other* est un véritable patchwork de sa déjà très riche carrière musical, alternant avec aisance les moments d'abstract jazz avec les passages plus groove. Si la batterie mène évidemment la danse, on y découvre aussi un Richard Spaven talentueux compositeur et chef d'orchestre, laissant le juste espace à une série de musiciens de haute volée. On citera notamment le génial guitariste de Cinematic Orchestra, Stuart McCallum et le fantasque trompettiste de Jose James, Takuya Kuroda, deux musiciens dont j'ai déjà évoqué le travail sur ce blog.

July 17, 2014

Vibes4YourSoul Loves Edits#44 - Odyssey / Phyllis Hyman - Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (Gazeebo's Double Lover Edit)

Here is my definition of Groove, with this edit of Odyssey's timeless song Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (also made famous by singer Phyllis Hyman).

Just the right dose of extra beats for this superb DJ-friendly version by repeat groove/slo-mo house gems maker Gazeebo.

July 15, 2014

Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Suite Shop (Here And Now Recordings)

Regular readers of this blog know how much I admire the UK's Nu-Jazz scene, its boundless creativity and chameleon-like features.

Latest case in point with this mind-blowing release from Ambient Jazz Ensemble, a new project led by producer Colin Baldry.

Surrounded by two of my favorite modern Jazz musicians (pianist Neil Cowley, saxophonist Finn Peters), Colin wrote Suite Shop, an ethereal jazz journey to the dreamy kingdom of the Cinematic Orchestra's of this world.

Extremely well-produced, with a subtle dose of electronica feeling, this LP is overflowing with poesy and mystery. Take a dive!

Full streaming below:

Si vous êtes un lecteur régulier de ce blog, vous connaissez mon amour pour la scène Nu-Jazz britannique, sa créativité sans bornes et son hyper-activité salutaire. Nouvel exemple avec ce superbe album d'Ambient Jazz Ensemble, nouveau projet emmené par le producteur Colin Baldry.

Entouré par deux de mes artistes Jazz favoris (le pianiste Neil Cowley et le saxophoniste Finn Peters), Colin a imaginé Suite Shop, sans doute pour nous transporter dans le royaume rêvé des Cinematic Orchestra de ce monde. Extrêmement bien produit, avec juste le bon dosage d'electro, ce disque dégage autant de poésie que de mystère. Plongez les yeux fermés...

July 14, 2014

Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne / Fall Harder EP (Carpark Records)

US label Carpark Records is definitely an outfit to follow closely if you're into cool indie/pop sounds.

Home of some of my favorite artists in that space, such as Beach House or Toro Y Moi, the label has another new treat for us with this refreshing debut single from NY-based Saint Pepsi (aka Ryan DeRobertis). 

A fresh and funky track right on time for the beach!

July 4, 2014

Partyfine: The Brazil Tape by Vibes4YourSoul

1998 French craze aside, I don't think I took that much pleasure following a World Cup since Mexico 1986. The little kid I was back then, was captivated by south-american colourful stadiums atmospheres, and subsequently became addicted to great football moments for life.

Anyway, to celebrate this, here is a Latin/Brazil-inspired mixtape I just did for Yuksek's hot new label Partyfine. On the menu, some classic tunes, some funky/housy contemporary beats and a couple of special edits Yuksek helped me cook for the occasion.

And while you're at it, don't forget to check out Partyfine Volume 1 brilliant first electro/house compilation!

Dwld link here.

Grand cru classé 1998 à part, je ne pense pas avoir pris autant de plaisir à suivre une coupe du monde depuis l'édition Mexico 1986. Le petit garçon que j'étais alors fut subjugué par les ambiances sud-américaines et est sans nul doute devenu cette année là accroc à jamais aux vrais grands moments de football.
Peit clin d'oeil à l'évènement, voici une mixtape 100% Latin/Brazil que j'ai concoctée en exclusivité pour le label Partyfine. Au menu, des classiques, des beats plus contemporains et deux édits réalisés avec maître Yuksek.
Et si vous avez encore un petit creux, n'oubliez pas d'aller jeter deux oreilles à l'excellente première compil electro/house du label, Partyfine Volume 1!

Tony Allen feat. Damon Albarn - Go back

After his magnificent solo album, Damon Albarn gets back to his African music passion with this sweet collaboration with his long-time friend Tony Allen, Fela's legendary drummer.

Go Back comes in anticipation of Tony's new LP Film Of Life, which will be released next October on Jazz Village records.

Après son superbe album solo sorti il y a quelques semaines, Damon Albarn retourne à ses amours pour la musique africaine via une remarquable collaboration de plus avec son ami Tony Allen, légendaire batteur Fela.
Go Back est une alléchante avance en attendant la sortie courant Octobre du nouvel album de Tony, Film Of Life, sur Jazz Village records.

July 1, 2014

Raving Wild - In Solitude And Silence

Here is a young British songwriter that caught my hear this week with a touching self-produced single.

Raving Wild may be playing In Solitude And Silence for now, but hopefully not for long if, like me, you feel these ethereal melancholic indie vibes!

Streaming below, more on his Soundcloud page.

Voici un jeune artiste britannique qui a capté mon attention cette semaine, à l'aide d'un bien joli single auto-produit. Raving Wild compose sans doute In Solitude And Silence pour l'instant, mais sans doute pas pour très longtemps si, comme moi, vous succombez à la douce mélancolie qui émane de cette petite perle indé.

June 19, 2014

Taylor McFerrin - Early Riser (Brainfeeder Records)

I'm so into this great World Cup start, that I could not find the time to properly listen to US producer Taylor McFerrin long-awaited debut LP. I finally did this week, and I just can't get enough of it!

If you're into futuristic soulful vibes, this one is an absolute must-have, first and foremost to enjoy Taylor's talent to design ultra-deep keyboards-led atmospheres.

Another absolute gem coming from Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder!

Snippets below:

Trop absorbé par ce superbe début de coupe du monde, je n'avais pas pris le temps d'écouter le premier album attendu du producteur new-yorkais Taylor McFerrin. J'ai rattrapé mon retard cette semaine, et je suis tout de suite devenu accroc à ce superbe disque qui ravira les fans de Soul futuriste. Mention spéciale pour les nappes de claviers ultra-deep, et les atmosphères chaleureuses qui émanent de la plupart des morceaux. Une perle de plus issue du label de Flying Lotus, Brainfeeder!